Rose Gold Bracelet

Rose Gold bracelet

Rose Gold Bracelet

Bracelets make for some of the most beautiful and memorable gifts and personal rewards. They are kind of minimal, but they affect a huge change in personality that is clearly visible.

Compared to necklaces, earrings, and rings, they come in a wider variety of shapes, materials, and sizes, so it can be quite a challenge to choose the right one.

Types of gold used

Gold edition bracelets are the most charming and are perfect when you want to gift it to someone on a special occasion. Gold comes in different qualities for bracelets including 10, 12, 14, 22, and 24 carats. 24 carats represent the purest gold, but they are also the most expensive.

The following types of gold are best suited for bracelets:

  1. Rose Gold Bracelet – this is gold alloyed with copper to give it a rose-colored tint.
  2. White gold – this is when gold is alloyed with white metals like nickel, platinum, or silver, giving it greater glow.
  3. Palladium plated – this is a combination of gold and palladium in varying proportions.
  4. Gold plating – instead of the whole bracelet being made form gold, it is simply given a coating, so it looks the same.

Generally, pure gold bracelets are not as good looking as other variants, so you might want to try various colors before you settle down on one.

Rose Gold bracelet
Rose Gold bracelet

Enamel brushed bracelets also look very attractive and stunning, but without costing as much as pure gold ones. Bracelets also come in cheaper materials like steel with gold plating, effectively making them cheaper, yet they look just as rich.

Types of bracelets

Once you have chosen materials, you will now want to choose the size and style of bracelets that suits you the most.

Here are the most common types:

  1. Chain link
  2. Charm
  3. Cuff
  4. Bangles

A link bracelet is the lightest, and also the most adjustable. If you like a pure gold version, then go for link bracelets, because they will be relatively more affordable, and they also look the best.

Charm bracelets are similar to chain links but they are more extravagant, as they have more gems and stones added on them, for that extra bling.

Cuff bracelets are thicker and more monolithic. They are more suitable for large or medium-sized wrists. When it comes to cuff, choose an alloyed material like Rose Gold Bracelet or white gold, since they will look richer in a bigger size.

Cuff bracelets can be adjustable or non-adjustable, depending on their designs. Bangles have a fixed size, and they are heavier than others.

Shopping for Rose Gold Bracelet online is easier than getting them from the stores. Of course, you do not get to wear and trial it, before you buy it.

Hence, you will need to choose a Rose Gold Bracelet vendor who has a very generous return and exchange policy.

Elsa Peretti Star of David pendant in sterling silver

Is Rose Gold Really Gold?

As exotic as it may sound, there really is no such thing as rose gold. In fact, gold itself is not simply gold, it is an alloy.

Gold itself is too soft for jewelry, so it mixes with other elements to give it both its color and strength.

Since man, throughout history, has favored the color that we associate with gold, the most common is that it is done with the right balance of silver and copper to give it that color.

In the early 19th century, Russian ballet had a great effect on all kinds of things, from clothing to art and music, and also jewelry.

Everyone wanted to imitate the bold and colorful costumes and designs from the ballet. It was during this period that rose gold was invented to give jewelry a new look. For that reason, you may sometimes hear that rose gold is referred to as Russian gold.

Because its color can vary in intensity, it is also sometimes called rose gold or red gold. The reddish hue of rose gold is simply the result of the amount of copper in the alloy mix. More copper means that the gold will have a more intense red color.

Best Rose Gold Bracelet in 2021

The fact that the rose contains less pure gold generally means that it will also be priced lower. A wide variety of wholesale jewelry is available in rose gold in both rings and other pieces such as earrings, bracelets and pendants.

Perhaps due to its colorful nature, it seems to be very popular with the hip-hop ensemble and jewelry they prefer to wear.

Although not related to gold at all, rose gold is a term that is also used in the music industry to describe the interior finish of some instruments.

Due to the date of its first use, rose gold is often found in antique pieces that collectors may be selling. While they may be of higher value because they are vintage items, don’t be fooled by sellers who proclaim that rose is rare and therefore very expensive.

There is no doubt that a rose ring or other jewel is unique. Many jewelry lovers find that the subtle shades of rose gold bring out the brilliance of diamonds or cubic zirconia much better than regular gold, and there is no question that the softer shades give it a natural marketing edge. After all, pink and pink sound much more romantic than yellow or white, don’t you think?

Rose Gold Bracelet in 2021

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